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Life Vine™ - Non GPS Indoor positioning made easy

Indoor Positioning made easy

Life-Vine by RTeng.Pro TM provides continuous and seamless 3d positioning within ad hoc or GPS denied environments. It will be robust and work in areas where satellite-based systems have difficulty (e.g. urban canyons, inside buildings, subterranean). It will be resilient to environmental and changing weather conditions including: no visibility, heavy rain, fluctuations in air pressure and changes in temperature.

How does it work?

Intra-squad communication will be achieved through the deployment of beacons (rolling into the desired location) along the path traversed by personnel. The beacons need one fixed point after that the system will self-confiture it’s ad hoc network. Life-Vine will measure and track the momentary location and trajectory of moving personnel. This situational awareness will enable them to know where they are, which direction they are pointing, where they have been and where they want to go.

Who is it For?

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